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Video Animations-Flow, Fracture, Whole Core



Packer Qualtity Control Identificaion & Measurement of Voids/Inclusions

Packers preclude drilling blowouts, so failure of this component can cause a serious accident. Drill stem packers are tested non-destructively by CT to conform to homogeneity criteria set by the manufacturer. Postprocessing software groups of voxels outside the density criteria, automatically rejecting the packer, if it fails the criteria. Defects show in the translucent rendering on the right.

VoxelCalc Reports and Sample Images

Petrophysics- Chemistry and Minerology - Dual Energy CT (DECT)

Aggregate analysis-size distribution.

Isosurface showing gold penetration and fractures. Red shows residual projectile. 200 CT slices at 2mm spacing. Our home page accesses an interactive virutal reality rendering of this.

Simple radiographs show relative contrast of materials. While indicating some qualitative contrast in density, radiographs do not provide a quantitative measurement of the distribution of contrast components. It is necessary to use CT for making voxel measurement of density-related values.

Isosurfaces of Vug in Whole Core (Left) and Barite mud invasion (Right), showing high atomic number materials in contrasting gold color.

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