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Our software products are used to process, analyze and visualize industrial images (CT, SEM and MRI), VoxelCalc for image processing, logging for downhole NMR and other log data, and digital camera data. Algorithms for DECT (Dual Energy CT) provide sub-millimeter resolution of rock properties such as density, porosity, chemistry and lithology give the petrophysicist reservoir insights as never before. These tools are well suited for any digital image data, whether 2-D or 3-D, including Mind-Over-Matter-3D (MOM3D) for animations and interactive virtual reality. All input image formats are supported including the NEMA/DICOM 3 standard.

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VoxelCalc is our flagship software product for calculations, analysis and display of 2-D and 3-D data. It is independent of the scan device and vendor data formats and is guaranteed to read data from any manufacturer's X-ray CT, MRI, SEM, etc.  Petrophysical computations include porosity, density, two phase saturations, extraction and measurement of formation and morphological features, such as vugs, inclusions, aggregates, bedding planes, mud invasion. These computed properties are exported to spreadsheets, and image publication tools such as PhotoShop, MS Word or PowerPoint. and  these properties are used to calibrate numerical  reservoir simulations.

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Mind-Over-Matter-3D (MOM3D) is VoxelCalc's VR (virtual reality) feature. Itprovides the scientist or engineer with the ability to interactively and visually explore their data from many different perspectives all the while recording and rendering it in many different modes - isosurfaces, slice, slab, with various degrees of transparency - exposing unseen objects and patterns. It provides the scientist with new insights into 3-D images from CT, MRI and simulations and indeed from any 3-D field of data. This is ideal for presentations, web publishing on intranet or internet, etc. A convenient GUI makes control of the viewing and video production extremely easy. It can visually identify volume artifacts and for multi-phase flow studies, it can render fluid interfaces and assist in determining the exact location for plugging of whole cores.  It enables more accurate plugging and saves cores from being destroyed by repeated unsuccessful attempts at plugging. 

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