KehlCo Inc Solutions for X-ray CT, microCT, and MRI

Services offered are based on our 20 years of collaborative efforts with engineers and scientists in the imaging, NDT/NDE for applications in core analysis, petrophysics, reservoir analysis and material science areas. This makes us uniquely qualified to provide services which apply X-ray computer tomography and imaging to these fields.

Consulting and training on effective use of the technology We conduct web and in-person seminars/workshop on the application of X-ray CT applications to core analysis and conduct reviews of procedures and systems, including purchaseing of X-ray CT machines.

Data Analysis - We provide post processing services for visualization and analysis of X-Ray CT, MRI and Core Photographs and associated laboratory or down hole data.

Data File/Image Format Conversion - Our experience with multiple imaging devices and vendors has made us expert in image file conversion to commercial formats whether it be for the purpose of making raster images (GIF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.) for your viewing or common scientific files (DICOM, HDF, NetCDF, etc.) to feed to your other software systems.

Swift Response Custom Software Development - Our Swift Response Software development methods are so fast that we may deliver your solution to your first feasibility study meeting. Not only that, but we often can do it for a fixed price. We utilize powerful and portable software tools.